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Latest Updates

-Decagon: Physical CD prints have ended, but I will be selling cards with Bandcamp download codes on them! Depending on sales, we may consider doing more regular prints of download cards for this and future albums (and possibly even mail order!). https://t.co/UZHQFg7jaw

So, a more formal announcement: I will be accompanying @AkiGlancy at Anime Conji as assistant for the VOCAMERICA show there! This will be my first time at this con (and functionally speaking my first time in San Diego), so if you're going I hope to see you there ☆

Just a poll for interest: how many of you would be interested in plastic commemorative cards (with Bandcamp codes?) as physical versions of albums we can't make CDs of?

A clarification on Myriad's role in @MEIKOcompi_en: while we and our members are happy to provide a platform and provide sales for the album, and while multiple of our members were involved with its production, we do not consider it part of Myriad's creative lineup.

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