About Us

Myriad is a 5-person international group of songwriters and artists with the goal of producing original songs using VOCALOID and UTAU. Our team was formed after the United Together Around UTAU album project for Minna no UTAU 2013, when a handful of us decided that we wanted to continue making original music together. Our members hail from the US, Canada, Israel and Brazil!

In addition to making our own work, we also host and publish various charity compilation albums. These are all collaborative efforts, which bring together many other vocalsynth creatives outside of our small group. Unless otherwise stated on the Bandcamp / BOOTH pages, our album profits are donated to Musicians Without Borders.

Latest Updates

The CDs have arrived and they look (and sound) great!!

We are still waiting on the new buttons to ship, but everything else is ready to go! 💀


Since we’re still waiting on our CDs to ship, I’ll be personally funding a reorder of buttons that better match the original mockup (and don’t have that wonky bottom border!) And to apologize for the wait, I’ll be including an additional small gift with everyone’s order. (2/3)

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