We at Myriad are open to creative opportunities of all kinds, especially those relevant to the vocalsynth community and collaborative doujinshi projects. Thus, we are happy to hear requests and proposals for the following:

  • Myriad-produced music and art work on commission
  • Organization assistance and translation services for collaborative independent/doujinshi projects (albums, zines, etc.)
  • Use of the Myriad sales and distribution channels (Bandcamp, BOOTH, etc.) for publishing work (please note that all works distributed through the Myriad sales channels are non-profit, and all proceeds outside of production costs will be donated to charity)

While we specialize primarily in vocalsynth work, we are open to any kind of creative work regardless of whether it is vocalsynth-related or not.

To get in touch with us, please contact us via email at, or via the form below.