DoNotCrossP (Chie)

DoNotCrossP, also known as Chie, is a songwriter and artist from Eastern Ukraine (currently based in Israel). While they aren’t particularly genre-bound, their forte is chill and wistful electronic music. Knows piano and quite a bunch of languages.

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Lystrialle may or may not be a celestial princess from the moon masquerading as a neofolk music producer and lyricist in Los Angeles. She is active in both the Western independent and Japanese doujinshi circuits as a musician, translator, and project organizer. Her other hobbies include video games and linguistics.

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Myst is a songwriter, artist, and web designer hailing from the southeastern US. She has a background in piano and enjoys making upbeat tunes, and she also occasionally does website work for Myriad. She created the UTAU Kikyuune Aiko, and she produces vocalsynth media under Studio VOXYZ.

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Xue is a songwriter and artist residing in Toronto. Although she initially started with composing heavy rock music, she has branched out and is currently experimenting with other genres. She has previous experience with piano.

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Ameno is a graphic designer and artist who has assisted in creating videos and materials for Myriad projects. She manages an UTAU and Vtuber character named “VIBE” and currently resides in Brazil.

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